Utilities are the highest expenses a business has to pay. Why not cut down your utility bill by installing solar panels on your roof? Business owners can earn credits with their utility company if a business generates excess power. How much does solar add to property value?

Utility Rates In California: A Problem For Everyone

Firstly, examining the cost of utilities and energy in California is a great incentive to switch to solar panels in its own right.

As of 2022, utility rates are rising, not to mention the staggering gas prices in California.

And there doesn’t seem to be a clear end in sight. It’ll compound more going forward.

Repair and upkeep of electrical grids nationwide will hit business owners in their wallets via high electric bills. California’s homeowners have seen a 10% increase in electricity from January 2021 to January 2022.

California Businesses Using Solar Panels

overhead shot of commercial business using solar power panels

California’s homeowners and various companies embrace the future with solar panels, cutting off their reliance on the utility companies.

Businesses consistently save money after their investment in solar energy. Although there’s a considerable initial cost, a business owner can get an ROI within five years, with the average being four years.

Increasing Curb Appeal

When it comes down to it, businesses and homes with solar panels are extremely popular. They sell fast on the market and can increase property values for other buildings in the area.

And with the addition of EV chargers installed on the property, electric vehicle users and customers with a clean climate on their minds will help your business thrive.

Not only that, but Southern California Edison also has a generous incentive program to install these chargers at your business.

Your property will operate at a higher efficiency. Plus, it’ll reduce emissions. You’ll welcome the imminent statewide implementation of electric vehicles. These solar power ‘pros’ will have your company feeling the benefits in no time.

How Solar Panels Increase Property Values

Besides property value increases, numerous benefits entice any business owner. Let’s go over the pros that California businesses that have embraced solar panels are already profiting from.

Solar Panels Increase Resale And Property Value

A fantastic benefit of going green with solar panels is the possible increase in property value. Solar panel installation is a significant financial move, whether you run a car dealership, hotel, multi-family home, or office complex.

Being Part Of The Climate Solution

Firstly, installing solar panels and harnessing renewable energy is a great way to reduce excess energy use. Californians are all too familiar with smoggy skylines, clogged freeways, and

The timing has never been better. With the 2020 executive order for Californians to adopt electric vehicles by 2035, it’s imperative to learn the benefits and adopt solar power early on. It’s time to jump on board a lucrative, energy-efficient climate solution that helps clean up California, one business at a time.

As a commercial business, companies increase their commitment to green energy with electric vehicle (EV) chargers on their property by adopting solar energy.

Green businesses are immensely popular and will undoubtedly draw people towards your business.

Saying Goodbye To Utility Bills

With solar panels, the possibility of generating your own solar energy pays dividends with Southern California Edison.

Installing solar panels in your business can cut out the middleman. Solar panels will help your company save money and earn credit with Southern California Edison. The initial investment is a big one. It’s a significant upfront cost, but one that pays for itself over 30 years.

In short, if your company generates excess power, those high utility bills of days gone by are now working for you.

How Much Does Solar Add To Property Value? It Depends

overhead shot of a car dealership with solar panels on the roof

Although it’s hard to calculate exact numbers for each business that embraces solar energy with panels, it’s easy to see the benefits.

With green energy initiatives, embracing a changing commercial landscape, and increasing curb appeal, solar energy can increase property values by thousands, if not tens of thousands, in the long run.

In short, people overwhelmingly approve of solar panels at businesses. In other words, solar panels help drive up property values in your immediate and surrounding areas.

Solar Panel Installation With REPOWER OC

To sum up, if you’ve wondered how to save on monthly energy bills, a solar panel system for your business is your answer. Firstly, a business owner will meet with REPOWER OC solar power experts for an in-depth consultation. Is a new solar system suitable for your company? How much can solar power save your company over five years? We work with you, keeping your opinions in mind when calculating your savings.

After hashing out details about your future solar panels, next, the installation team surveys your property to design an efficient solar system.

And don’t worry. We’ll take care of all the permits and paperwork that needs filing with cities and local municipalities. REPOWER OC team members quickly install your solar panel system, activate it, and let the savings roll in. Of course, our role in your lucrative solar system doesn’t end at installation. REPOWER OC is meticulous, and we’ll inspect your business and ensure everything’s up to code.

In short, it’s time to start saving the environment and your utilities. Go solar today with the experts at REPOWER OC!