California is a pioneer of solar power installation. In fact, California has the biggest solar power market in the nation. Along with being a sustainable form of energy, solar energy helps you increase your property value. In short, exploring this green energy source is worth your time. However, compared to standard electricity, there are likely some pressing questions. Do solar panels work at night? How efficient are solar panels in Orange County? What’s the best type of solar panel?

Let’s learn more about solar power, frequently asked questions, and if you can use electricity at night with it.

Do Solar Panels Work At Night?

residential solar panels on house

No, solar panels don’t work at night and don’t generate electricity via the sun. But that doesn’t mean you’re left in the dark!

Instead, using stored energy in a solar battery during the day creates a reservoir of power. Solar batteries take energy from the solar panels and store it for later use.

Likewise, home and business owners can utilize energy from their excess power through net metering (NEM).

Residents produce excess electricity during the day. The owner can then build credit with the power company for its power production. Then, they use the power gained from those credits to power their homes and businesses at night.

While net metering is a great way to ensure the power’s on whenever you need it, policies may change. That’s why it’s imperative that customers opt for solar batteries.

Are Solar Batteries Worth It In 2022?

Solar batteries are definitely worth it in 2022.

Solar batteries provide home and business owners with the ability to generate, store, and use solar energy. If you have solar panels at the office, it just makes sense to have a robust solar battery to store all the excess power.

Unlike net metering, solar batteries take that large amount of energy stored during peak hours and store it away—no need to build credit with power companies or take power from the grid. Again, while net metering is a valuable tool, solar batteries are reliable, prudent ways to store and use energy when you need it most.

How Does Solar Power Help The Environment?

Solar power is a green energy source, helping curb emissions and improving Californians’ overall health in the process.

It’s also worth including electric vehicles (EVs) in the equation. By using electric vehicles, fossil fuel dependency goes down, which, for the environment, is a fantastic outcome.

What Are Electric Vehicles?

Electric vehicles are vehicles that use a battery with an electric charge. In the coming decade, you’ll see more of these as California will eventually phase out gas-powered vehicles. EVs use EV charging stations in Orange County, which charge the electric battery in a vehicle. For businesses like car washes and car dealerships, you can fuel your inventory with ease and no mess.

Likewise, you can then charge customers for a powerful EV charge. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Southern California Edison covers all infrastructure costs for EV chargers.

What’s The Best Type Of Solar Panel?

rows of solar panels in orange county

Luckily with solar panels, curious buyers aren’t penned in by one option. However, that means you need to be aware of the different types and their levels of efficiency. But what’s the best type of solar panel? It depends on your power needs. And which materials the solar panels are made of.

For example, monocrystalline solar panels may be the best for grocery stores and retail businesses, as they are the most efficient. However, monocrystalline solar panels may be a bit costly. Their counterpart, polycrystalline, is cheaper but has less efficiency.

But on the other hand, maybe solar shingles are perfect for your green energy purposes. These smaller solar panels are more versatile but produce less power.

Learn More About Solar Power With REPOWER Orange

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