Word of mouth and baseless claims online can help build up myths and major misconceptions. As Orange County solar power installers who bring sustainable energy to commercial businesses, it’s our duty to debunk. Here are some top solar myths and the facts to debunk them.

Solar Energy Myth #1: Solar Panels Don’t Save You Money

This solar energy myth couldn’t be further from the mark. While one could argue the initial purchase could cost a lot, business owners’ return on investment is so significant after a short period. Solar panels also increase property value.

Here’s an example.

Using estimates in our area, installing a heavy-duty solar panel array would cost around $10,000. You’ll easily save that and more in a few years. If utility prices rise 2.2% annually, a resident or business owner can cut their utility bills from over $100 monthly to less than $20.

By producing your own electricity, your dependency on the power companies is minuscule.

In short, while upfront costs may deter some, the relatively quick ROI is more than enough to warrant the purchase of solar panels. Plus, there are multiple incentives that will help business owners install solar panels.

And as commercial solar panel installers in Orange County, REPOWER Orange dedicates itself to helping residents and businesses save money.

Solar Energy Myth #2: Solar Power Doesn’t Work When It’s Cloudy

This misconception makes sense at face value. If solar panels don’t have direct access to the sun, how can they possibly work?

Well, they do. Maybe not to their full capacity, but they still work.

Additionally, solar panels, and the energy they’ve collected, can be used at night, too. But how can solar panels work at night?

Thanks to solar batteries installed in homes and businesses, solar energy acquired during the day is available for any power needs after dark. That excess power collected during peak daylight hours can make a huge difference. You don’t have to worry; if you’re burning the midnight oil at the office, you don’t need to worry about wracking up power bills.

Solar Energy Myth #3: I Can Only Get Solar Energy At Home

This misconception couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, at REPOWER Orange, we specialize in commercial solar panel installation. Whether it’s a car dealership, car wash, multifamily complex, or grocery store, we aim to help the entire community go green.

Speaking of car dealerships and car washes, we also help businesses install free EV chargers in Orange County.

Solar energy powering businesses across Orange County and California is our goal, and with commercial solar, we’re getting closer.

Solar Energy Myth #4: Solar Panels Are An Eyesore

red roof with solar panels on top

Some may envision solar panels as taking up a lot of space on roofs nationwide. But solar installers put a lot of effort into making them blend in. Solar myths like this ignore concrete evidence to the contrary.

With advancing solar panel technology, and different types of solar panels, commercial business owners can pick which style and type suit them best.

For example, you may want to try solar panels but don’t want to invest in a massive array. Solar shingles, a type of solar panel in the size and shape of a roof shingle, can give you subtle solar power. Plus, commercial solar adopters will have choices of blue or black solar panels to match their preferences.

Solar Energy Myth #5: Maintenance Is A Pain

Once a solar array is up on the roof, there’s actually not too much maintenance. Since solar panels are straightforward, they don’t require constant maintenance. Another great reason to opt for solar energy in Orange County is low maintenance costs.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean them or check their status. But the only actual regular maintenance you need to worry about is surface level. Clearing leaves, dirt, and grime ensures the solar panels are working 100%.

Once your solar panels are placed on the roof, your role is fairly minuscule.

Debunking Solar Myths, Once And For All

We all make mistakes. However, these various myths and misconceptions can easily dissuade people from adopting classic methods to save money and the environment.

Now that these top solar myths are debunked, it’s time to explore just how beneficial commercial solar panels in Orange County can be.

Want to get your commercial solar journey started? Get in touch with the commercial solar panel experts in Orange County at REPOWER Orange today!